Bad Gateway [RESOLVED]

Yesterday night when i went control panel network connections click on repair this connection recived pop up from CIS incoming connection it was my default gateway ip clicked alow dont know why i got that alert ot hapend once in 2 or 3 month now when i tryed to logg into freemail i got this alert

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Are you sure it is Comodo related? Try to disable the firewall, just long enough to verify that the site works. If yes, then open CIS, Firewall > Advanced > Security Policy and find the policy that refers to you default gateway and delete it.

Hope this helps.


It sounds like the web site had a problem. The two events are as far as I can tell unrelated.

Your problem, if your screenshot relates to your problem ;), lies with your proxy, not with CIS.

I think its bean a web site problem becauze now its working normal thanx for helping :slight_smile: