Bad Expereince With Comodo Refunds Department!

I have submitted three seperate tickets regarding a SSL certificate refund.

and its been about almost 2 days and no updates what so ever.

The three tickets I have open are…

CCQ-818593, WUO-826764, HSY-908834

I have been constantly updating the tickets and pinging them, but noting!

They tell me email refunds, which I have, but nothing has been done.

I am pretty fed up with Comodo Groups accounting department.

Quick to take your money but VERY VERY VERY slow when something goes wrong and doesn’t work and you need a refund.


I will see how it can be escalated.
sorry for the inconvinience.


I am not holding my breath because this is what all the other chat support techs have told me.

Pretty angry at Comodo Group as a company over all.

FYI - Melih (who responded to your post) is the CEO of Comodo.

That’s kinda cool that the big man looks in on the forum…I just recently installed the software on my windows vista ultimate alienware pc. software has a learning curve but once up and running very pleased. (:NRD)… I also run Avast Pro and Threatfire with it and everything has been playing nice… Good Job people… (B)

thank you


I’ve been waiting over 2 months for a refund of order 13199601.
Now that’s a bad experience! :-TD

For what product did you ask the refund?

I had 3 refunds all refunded within 24 hours, So it can’t be all bad…