Bacspace should go back - extension

Hi Comodo users and staff !
Just updated to v.85 Dragon, looks all fine, thank you !
Upon the first restart after the update, CD popped up a warning about having disabled the “Backspace should go back!” extension which I had been using since long, as containing malware. Oooopsie ! Extension since removed from the Dragon altogether, may I ask the Community for a suggested replacement - one not flagged as malware ?

I never understood why the backspace key action of going back one level (when keyboard focus is at the URL or “omni”-bar) was removed from Chrome in the first place, anyway. Since everybody in their right mind wants it, it’s so completely intuitive. Oh, well, Goooogle…


Hello Czerno, thank you for your feedback you can try this extension Backspace to go Back - Chrome Web Store

Workss like a charm, thank you ! Assuming this one does not eventually get classified 'malware" like the one I had been using. BTW where could I read a report of why “Backspace should go back!” got flagged down and how to remove any unwanted changes it might have done to this computer ?

Hello Czerno, i do now know why but you can check forums on COS/CIS or ask there maybe someone may help you with that