Backups: Add option to ask for creating backups

I like the idea of backups (though the “no kernel components” is restrictive) but I think the settings options could use a little fine tuning.

Currently if you disable backups, CPM will ask you if you want to turn it on when you uninstall something. Some programs I really don’t care about backing up and IMO the following settings options would be much improved:

Backup Before Uninstall

  • Always make backups when uinstalling a monitored application
  • Ask when uninstalling a monitored application
  • Never make backups

These would be option buttons (not checkboxes) of which only one can be selected. This allows more flexibility beyond “always on” or “always off” and removes the need for the message “Do you want to…” at every uninstall.

Thank you for your feedback. Good idea, we will keep it in mind for a future version.