Backup to Iomega REV Drive - No recorder available

I’m using the current version (3.0164972.96) on XP-SP3 and trying to set the backup destination to an Iomega REV drive but get the error message “No recorder available” when I click Next on the Step 2: Backup Destination screen.

XP labels the the drive as D: and treats it like a CD drive, accessible like any other drive in all file access features. In CBU, the drive shows up in the CD/DVD/BD destination as “RDD2 [D:]” - I can select it, but everything else (e.g. Disk Label, Burn Speed, Erase…,Eject…) remains grayed out. Using WinObj, GLOBAL?? lists the D: symlink as “\Device\CdRom0.” Is there any way around this problem?


I assume you use an external USB device…
This version does not support writing to external optical drives. We will consider adding support for this type of device in future versions. Thank you for the feedback.