Backup Solution for Laptops!

I don’t think there are any backup solutions that meet the backup requirements for laptops.

Issues I run into:

  • Scheduled backups to network storage fail when I’m not home or laptop is offline
  • Cloud storage not practical for system/large backups
  • Storing to external drive requires disruptions while I’m working on a project

Possible Solution:
Allow laptops to store backups to temporary locations which are automatically moved when the primary location is available

  • Example 1 - When primary network storage is not available, temporarily save backup to local storage. Upload to primary storage once it is available.
  • Example 2 - When primary storage is not available, save backup in increments of say 5GB of space to cloud storage such as ccloud or dropbox. Create monitoring tool that is installed on the network storage host. This tool automatically moves the data from the cloud storage folder into the network share. Once the space is freed up, the laptop can then upload another 5GB chunk of data. If the laptop is brought to the home network before this process completes, it only copies the remaining data rather than start over again.