Backup size. Snapshot 0 = 0 ! And now size of snapshot 1 = 0 also.

I’ve started to use the option to backup incrementals to the same backup file i.e. snapshots. My 1st choice was to do this with incrementals until I noticed, in Manage mode, that the size of the base partition image (snapshot 0) was shown as being 0 (zero). I ran an integrity check which said it was corrupted. So I started again, but tried differential this time: after creating the new base, I added a few files to the partition and ran the backup profile again. In Manage mode (calendar view) the size of snapshot 0 was again shown as 0 while snapshot 1 was shown to be 1.4GB (bigger than I expected it to be but heh). Changed to list view and suddenly the size of both snapshot 0 and snapshot 1 were shown as 0. Integrity check says the backup image/s are OK. Went back to calendar view and both snapshots again displayed as having 0 size.

Something’s not quite right!

I’m using CBU 3 build 130.

I assume you’re using Comodo time machine 2.8 or? if you want to make snapshots, which is very good, would could actually try CTM 2.9b; it is stable and very good.

Valentin N

Valentin, Am guessing you viewed my post before I edited it to say I’m using Comodo Backup 3. Sorry about that.

no need to be sorry :slight_smile: I saw that you have CB 3. try CMT 2.9 and you will get normal snapshots.

Backup sizes in some cases appear as zero in Manage.
This doesn’t mean that they are really zero, it’s just a bug in Manage.
The problem will be fixed in next release.


Thanks for the last 2 replies. I’m still using DiskImage along side CBU so I think I’ll just wait a bit for the next v3 release and, if I do take a CBU snapshot in the interim, I’ll simply run an integrity check to make sure it really is a good un.

(And for anyone thinking “why use 2 BU app’s”, it’s because I’m too lazy to run integrity checks normally and it saves a lot of hassle if one incremental in either a CBU or a DI5 series has actually been messed up. CBU is my fav’ though! Just wish I could resist running the very latest releases.)