Backup schedule

After using the original Comodo backup with a monthly schedule, saving to DVD-RW, with no problems, I recently upgraded to V Now the schedule runs, but only as an incremental backup. If I try to do a complete backup, and erase the disk before writing, CmdBkpSvc.log tells me there was an error, but not what the error is! Event log indicates a problem but has no details either! I’m using XP pro, and do a monthly backup for my docs, in a grandfather, father, son sequence. I’ve got around it by disabling CmdBkpSvc in services, and used Windows task scheduler to run Comodo backup, with backup set to run when started up. This works properly, but I would like to be able to run the backup from CmdBkpSvc, as it then runs virtually transparently. Any ideas?

Hi peterjrob

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I’m sure you have read a lot of the posts here trying to get this working for you. It seems that saving to DVD-RW causes a few problems for some, including myself. Others have no problem with it.

As I have not been able to sort this out for myself, if there is someone else that has it working for them and could answer this it would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime I keep hoping for an updated version to come out for us.

Sorry I can’t be more help in this, keep checking back, you never know…