Backup Registry Files doesn't display any Source Items

Comodo Backup function of Registry Files displays no Source Items and there is no Add button as there is for Registry Entries. Selecting ‘Next’ gives message: ‘Select at least one item to backup.’ Comodo Backup online help indicates the file paths for [SOFTWARE, SYSTEM, DEFAULT, SECURITY, SAM, NTUSER.DAT (for NetworkService), LocalService, current user), and UsrClass.dat] should be listed. Registry Entries function works as documented.

Environment is Windows 10 home x64, Comodo Backup If in fact there is a bug here, can I get the same backup from using the Files and Directories function for the missing Source Items and would Backup Type Incremental be appropriate? Any insight as to where to go from here is appreciated.

Comodo Backup has not been updated since late 2014, and may not be fully compatible for Windows 10.

Here is the last release notes:;msg779162#msg779162

I have the same problem but with other OS.
When i try to configure a Comodo Backup job of Registry Files in 2 of my systems (2 from a total of 12, all with Windows Server 2012R2) the Source Items window is empty. If i try configure backup of Registry Entries, it works well, i can add all the keys individually.
The only difference from those 2 systems to the others it’s the memory and disks technology (those 2 systems have SSD disks - in RAID 1 like the others - and 64GB RAM - the double of the others) everything else it’s identical.
Comodo Backup version: