Backup process failed with code 12(Code14 sorry) - verify says image corrupted

Installed latest ver 2.2.127000.12 backed up ‘user settings’.
2 files created
iw100510.cbu 9.973,760 bytes
iw100510_2.cbu 2,570,422,144 bytes (2.39GB)

a bit unusual, didnt notice smaller first file. then I reimaged the laptop back to factory and ran all patches etc.
still same OS winxp sp3, but I get

Initiating the restore Operation…
Reading the windows version failed!
Recover process failed with code 14

I found a winxp to win7 article that says not possible but I am on same os.
I found a guy who recovered one file from 2 splits and
but I want the whole thing.

I didnt choose compression or split backup.
I am looking with a hex editor but cannot see any similar bytes at the start of my 2 files
Can I still join these files? How?


I mean code 14 in the subject. not 12. I was reading the 12 topic… sorry :’(


It looks like the backup files are corrupted.
Did you set a split size when the backup was created? or did it run out of disk space when it was created?
I need see the first 256 bytes from each file, to know if the files are from the same backup.


No split size set. as above.
I will try to get the first 256 bytes for u tomorrow at work.
thanks for the reply.