backup from a command line

When running an scheduled backup from a command line, we have to use /runspecificscheduleitem , but the help pages state /runbackup . If this has not been done already, would you change one or the other so they both read the same. My preference would be to use /runbackup, as this is easier to type and less likely to to cause mistakes.


I just registered and jumped on here to say that this is still an issue (Comodo Backup v 4.4.1) despite this post being made in 2011!

I can only get command line backups working by using the /runspecificscheduleitem flag, but I have never seen this mentioned in any documentation or other forum posts!

As requested, please update the documentation or just map /runspecificscheduleitem across to /runbackup (which is much nicer to use).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Doubtful that anything will be done anytime soon. I found a message a few days ago from Comodo on their Enterprise Backup system, that it was not currently in development as of early 2015. I assume that applies here too, considering how long it has been since anyone from the Comodo Backup team has logged on.