Backup failed with code 55 (Access denied)

The backup seemed to process all the files (1.26 TB) but then “Backup failed with code 55 (Access denied)”.

I have UAC turned off, and running as Administrator.

DebugInfo attached. I did not attach the logs that had certain exes in their filenames, all their contents was similar:
[03.07.2014 19:48:53:604|Th000027ec|LN002027|_COS_CLIENT_OPERATION_CONTROLLER::__internStopRespNotificatorTH] Response notificator thread already stopped.

The regular log file started like this,

02.07.2014 01:42:10 Initiating full backup …
02.07.2014 01:42:10 Collecting source information…
02.07.2014 01:42:41 Total number items found so far is 30968 (Total size is 367 GB)…
02.07.2014 01:43:12 Total number items found so far is 69291 (Total size is 792 GB)…
02.07.2014 01:43:43 Total number items found so far is 128148 (Total size is 1.24 TB)…
02.07.2014 01:44:11 Total items found is 188630. Total size is 1.26 TB
02.07.2014 01:44:13 Starting full backup…
02.07.2014 01:44:13 Creating initial directory structure…
02.07.2014 01:44:32 Processing items…

Then after all the files were processed:

02.07.2014 07:10:26 An error occurred during backup
02.07.2014 07:10:26 Processed 1.26 TB (68.0 MB/s)
02.07.2014 07:10:26 Backup failed with code 55 (Access denied).

So really I think it mostly worked, but I would like Comodo Backup to recognize that the backup was successful so that I can use this one as a base for scheduled incremental. (Can I still do that?)

Thank you

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Well running an acount with Admin priviledges I should have said. Maybe worth a try running the whole thing again in safe mode?

I really want to use Comodo for my backups, but if it doesn’t recognize that one was created, I can’t get into the scheduler!

Is there some file I could edit to trick Comodo into thinking the backup was successful?

Maybe it has past 120 Days since the Request was posted, but friends, the Problem is still actual and nobody has
answer it until now.
Now the Reason that this Message occurs is an Blocked archive from your OS inside the Folder you are trying to backup.
Your OS denied the access for Comodo and that’s it. Wen you unblock it, then the Backup becomes successfully.
In most of the cases it is an Rar or Zip or some other compressed Archive.
And so far i have see it occurs only in “simply copy” mode.
Now how you get it to work.

  1. Right click on the Archive (for example an Rar- Archive).
  2. Properties → General → uncheck read only ( very important) → left click “UNBLOCK”–> Recheck Read only.
    It is important to control all the Folders, you like to Backup for such kind of blocked Archives, or it will remains to denies
    the Access.