Backup failed with code 116 (Out of range).

I recently created a backup of about 40GB of data, split into 25MB files. However, when I attempt to restore from the archive I get an error that says “Please select a valid backup to restore” and when I attempt to run an incremental backup against this archive I get the error “Backup failed with code 116 (Out of range).” (full log below).

What does this error mean, and is there any way to get around it? Is there an upper limit on the number of files a Comodo backup can be split into?


21.02.2015 18:58:58 Running scheduled backup to My Computer
21.02.2015 18:58:58 Creating New Backup…
21.02.2015 18:58:58 Searching specified backup base
21.02.2015 18:58:59 Base backup found in initial location D:\One Drive\Comodo Backup\backup_inc_files.cbu.
21.02.2015 18:58:59 Opening backup file D:\One Drive\Comodo Backup\backup_inc_files.cbu
21.02.2015 18:58:59 Unable to open backup base!
21.02.2015 18:58:59 Error Occurred
21.02.2015 18:58:59 Backup failed with code 116 (Out of range).

I am new at this too, but here is what I have observed running my tests:

COMODO BACKUP isn’t the fastest
It runs out of memory when you use some of the advanced features, including splitting.

I would try without splitting the file until you are sure that you can get the backup AND RESTORE to work. Start simple.

Please post your successes as well as your questions and failures. Share with others.


Thanks for the response, but I’m afraid that backup is too important to leave to trial and error. I’m sure I could find a split size that worked for me for now, but what happens as my backup grows larger? I could suddenly one month from now hit a point where my backup is unrecoverable because it’s passed some magical hidden limitation on number of split files.

File splitting is necessary because I’m backing up to cloud services which impose file size limitations and because due to the way Comodo handles incremental backups the first split file is always reloaded after an incremental backup.

I’ve moved on to Acronis True Image. It’s not free, but I feel I can trust it. If someone at Comodo wants to look into and fix this problem, I’m happy to help, but I get the impression that they don’t really monitor these forums.