Backup Direct to DVD

I’ve been using successfully for a couple of years, backing up directly to DVDs. I’ve just installed 2.2.127000.12 and I can’t find any way to write a backup directly to a DVD. The user manual suggests writing the backup to the C drive then copying that. This would double the time it takes to do a backup and seems pointless for a simple copy backup. Am I missing something?

I’m fairly new to Comodo, and have never used the v1 of back up, but v2 does not have this feature yet, but I wish they would put this on their priority list. Some people say that v1 is still better than v2 for a variety of reasons, but I’m not in a position to offer my opinion.


We will introduce backup to CD/DVD in the next release.

Does this mean backing up to CD-RW/DVD-RW (UDF formatted) or does it mean to CD/DVD (data written as a session)??

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Would be nice for some clarification on what Panic asked as well. :wink:


It will mean backup to CD-R/DVD-R/CD-RW and DVD-RW.

There will be 2 burning methods:
1 - UDF-formatted disks which doesn’t require additional disk space. This feature will be available for Vista ,Windows 7 and Server 2008 users.
2 - data written as a session, which will require additional disk space, to create an image first, then burn it. This feature will be available for all Windows Versions including Windows XP and Server 2003 users.


Any vague, known release date for this. (:LOV)

Thanks Emanuel - great news! :-TU :-TU