backup database for restore

Is there a Database that stores the backup information? I want to do a restore of 1 file, but I don’t want to retrieve all the CBU files just to get to one file, is there a way I can search the Database for the file location and just restore from that 1 CBU file or ZIP file?

For Example:
Let’s say I did a backup of 5TB, and I split the CBU files into 8GB chunks (DVD split) so I can manage the files easier when I move them to another area… so in the end I have 50 CBU files. (I FTPed them to my cloud for offsite storage)

Now I want to do a restore of just 5 files.

In the past, when I used TAPE backup, I would start the RESTORE process, the system would tell me to mount TAPE 2 and 3. and it would pull just the files I needed.

Can I do the same thing, and have COMODO tell me which CBU file is needed and I can just grab those from my CLOUD, instead of having to GET all 50 CBU files (which will take forever!!)

I hope that makes sense??