Backup Scheduling Issue

Hi guys, I have seen this question asked a few times but not seen any clear resulting answer so lets try again.

I have installed Backup and have it working fine if I run it manually but no matter what I try I cannot get the scheduler to run. I am the only user on this XP MCE machine and obviously am an adminstrator(username “Justin”). CmdBkSvc.exe is running under the username “SYSTEM”(I am not sure if this is significant). Does it need to be running under username “Justin” instead of “SYSTEM” and if so how do I change it?

I have attached a screendump of what I think are the relevant processes/services running.

Please help as other than this the program looks to fulfill my current backup needs.

Thanks in advance

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I am having exactly the same problem. It is such a nice app but without schedulling it is useless to me. Can anyone from comodo please answer this?


An updated version with some of these fixes can be expected in 2nd half of April, 2007.

Will the updated version be Vista and X64 compatible?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is there any more information available on this update? Thanks.

I think Comodo Backup has a very low prioity. BTW what makes me wonder is Almer Backup on It looks similar to Comodo Backup. I’m just curious who owns copyrights to this software.


we have a whole team working on the Backup product.
we are trying to come up with an online backup product so that our users have an option to do offsite backups. its just going to take time…
it does have a priority and has a team on it.


Just had a look at Almer Backup that Grzegorz mentioned. It is too much like Comodo Backup to be a coincidence. Maybe Comodo licensed it to Almer. Anyway they are asking $32.20 CAD for it. I would be interested in hearing from someone on Comodo staff about this.


It can’t be a coincindence if they both use the same obscure phrasing like “Local disk, network disk and so on”. :smiley:

Either that, or there are two fluent speakers of Encryptlish and both happen to have written a backup utility.

It’d be interesting to see who licensed what from who.

Ewen :slight_smile:

we have a license for the source code. we used it as a base to develop it further. It was quicker and more economical to do that.



Would it be possible to release a version with the scheduled backup fixed before the option for online backup is ready? I am sure there are others here that would like to be able to have automated backup to their own hardware rather that waiting for online backups?


We are going to release at least two version before Online Offering will be ready. The next version will have some minor fixes (including some fixes in the scheduler).
The version after that should have re-done scheduling part that uses built in windows scheduler. It should greatly improve scheduling overall. Yet, it will break Windows 95/98/Me compatibility