backing up.please help

i use macrium reflect to back-up my computer.
thing is i only back-up my c-drive.
there is an option to back-up something called system.its a large backup of nearly 200mb.
what is this exactly and do i need to back this up also.

many thanks.

bye. :comodorocks:

If I’m not wrong this would probably back up the operating system files as well, but I’m not sure. But on the other hand wouldn’t these be located on the c-drive?

You don’t mean system reserved by any chance do you?

hi chiron.
yes i agree i would of thought that the operating system files were on drive C.
all it says is system.nothing else.

You made me suffer, man!!! ;D

I highlighted what I mean in the quote.
I used this backup quite a while ago. I could not recall “system.its”
… was digging around like a dawg searching for that “new option & a file” with “its” extension until realized that you forgot to press bloody “space” & the “apostrophe”
… haha ! Oh boy! :smiley:

Anyway compare to the whole image backup 200MB should not be considered being “large”

…funny stuff can happen … Cheers!