Backing up multiple Registry files

I run several accounts on my PC, with me having Admin rights, partner with User rights, spare “Admin” account just in case.
I backup regularly, using Comodo ;D

I backup user-files, C: partition, and registry files (separate backups as the user locations are split between C: (SSD, small) and D: (spinning, large)

When I backup the registry files, I find that when I backup as me (admin) the file list covers system registry and my own account.
If I take the perverse option of

  • Switch to a non-privileged account, :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Run Comodo As Admin :a0
  • Backup Registry files

then the list includes Admin, Partner, Me ;D

It’s a workround, but it feels really strange.
What I really would like is for Backup registry Files, with Admin rights, to offer a list of the available User accounts, and check-boxes (default All?) to select which to backup.