Background color

The background color of my Comodo is a yukky washed out pink. How do I change it to default (white)?
Uninstalled & the re-installed Comodo but still have same pink color! Opened a few other browsers and have no problem of the pink color so it is only Comodo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi Xanves, welcome to the forum!

I’ve moved this thread to the Comodo Dragon help forum because although you make no mention of which Comodo product your having this issue with, you mention a web browser. So that leaves Comodo Dragon or Comodo Ice Dragon.

Please let myself or another moderator know if you’re having this problem with Comodo Ice Dragon instead, and we’ll move this thread to the appropriate help forum. :slight_smile:

Hi HeffeD,
Color problem is with Comodo Dragon Browser. Thank you.


Please provide a few example links so we can investigate this further.
Also add some screenshots.

Thank you.

Another one here - cd 26 shows pink background

Windows 7 - Ultimate - 64 Bits; Nvidia GT 430; NVidia 3D Vision; Back ground cor de rosa e problemas com DVDFab media player em full screen.

Após atualização do drive NVidia, versão de 12/05/2013, o problema foi resolvido, tanto no Comodo Dragon quanto no DVDFab Media Player.

Try disabling the 3d and check if the problem is resolved.

After updating the NVidia drive the problem was solved.

Drive current: Version - 12/05/2013.

I had the same issue after Win 8 upgraded to Win 8.1. Video driver was up to date but I uninstalled and re-installed it & the pink has gone.

I had the same problem I have windows 8.1 and an nVidia video card I updated the nvidia drivers and the pink background is gone.