Hmm. Noticed that Ewido anti-spyware has quarantined and backdoor program. Does Comodo detect this if Ewidos Quarantine box somehow breaks? Can i delete this file from the quarantine by pressing the button “delete” on Ewido, or will that return the backdoor to my pc? Just curious. And is CFP able to block this intrusion attempt, if that backdoor really is a way for an hacker to acces my pc using IRC channels? O.o That is, if that backdoor would egt out of the quarantine. Checked from sophos site and did a quick look with regedit and found no registrykeys that the backdoor would have created. Could be that i have missed something. And before you ask, this backdoor was moved to quarantine during September.

If Ewido anti-spyware has detected it. you should be able to delete the quarntined file and it would not infect your system

Note: I don’t use Ewido anti-spyware but any reputable anti-spyware should do that

Right, thanks Xiuh! And if ewido spotted it once, it will spot it the second time if it makes an return. I could always shred the file with the file shredder included in Ewido, if it does not go away. Thanks again!

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