Back up Thunderbird email for other users

I have four limited user accounts and want to back up the emails from Thunderbird from each account. I had a quick look at a previous version and it did not appear possible. Can this be done easily?


You will have to run the Thunderbird backup for each Windows user separately. The backup is only done for the current user.

I believe this will not work as it will only run as administrator.

Yes, it will only run from an account with administrator privileges.

So if you run Windows correctly and use limited user accounts you cannot back up emails. It would be nice if it could do this.

In order to perform a backup/restoration properly and safely CB uses some operations that unfortunately aren’t possible on a limited user account.

But could it run under the administrator account and back up emails and documents from other accounts?

Through the email accounts type backup it cannot because it only backs up the data of the user that is running CB. An option would be to back up manually (files and folders type backup) the files of the user you choose under an administrator account.

The solution is to back up the profile directory for Thunderbird for each user. I know how to do this but many users would not know.