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I love Comodo and support it well. I am a hardcore gamer and I am always changing my pc around. Well I have been using Comodo for awhile now but I am finally feed up with all the pop ups with no matter what I do. I know the program inside and out. I just installed new Nvidia drivers and Comodo went nuts even in install mode. First of I you get a pop up for uninstalling. Then you get a pop up for installing. I also had some Windows updates on my XP machine which all of you will also have. Again pop ups. I had to sit by my pc and click allow, allow. Baby sitting a firewall gets tiring after awhile. I have a free subsription to ZAAS which I got on patch Tuesday so I reinstalled it. Pop ups degreased by a million. Adding programs is a snap and my pc runs quicker even though ZAAS takes up more memory. I got ZAAS to pass all the same tests that Comodo did. The GRC leak test, System Shutdown Simulator and the PC Flank test. I still love Comodo and will try it again but for now ZAAS is alot easier to handle.

Ok I am back and using Comodo and it seems to be running alot better. Just hope when I install something things go better. (V)

we would like to figure out whats happening with when you install, if you have an issue pls let us know so that we can look deeper into it pls.


Here Melih. Post already going.