Back to Comodo after using MSE

I felt really stupid last month when I uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled MSE just to see which one worked better on my home computer, I have sense come to my senses and Comodo is the only A/V on my computer, and my Phone

There is an option now to detect installers that is supposed to let them run unhindered. I should say safe installers.

The amazing thing is that CIS does way more than MSE to protect you and is lighter on resources at the same time. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Yea…exactly why I COMPLETELY removed ALL M/S security garbage from my computer and installed Comodo, took some work and a lot of code searching to get that stupid useless security center and defender off the computer but I did it.

You do not need to remove the defender or security center,you can simply just disable them.

I would have never even tried to remove the security center and I don’t think it’s useless. I haven’t removed Defender either, just disabled it.

I see no viable reason why the security center would need to be removed if that is possible in the first place.

I understand and hope that any financial losses due to Internet Access / Use of my bank or credit/debit cards will not be charged to me.

Should I remove the Security Centre then I suspect that I would be in violation of their rules,
and I would be charged for any losses which they could blame upon my unapproved degradation of Windows.

Regardless of any real technical danger from modifying what the banks may deem to be “core components of Windows”,
If you break the rules (regardless of whether you knew them) then you bear the consequences.