B O Clean

Does anyone know if B O Clean is still used in the new V4? Thanks

The reason I want to know is I will use PC Tools Threat Fire if its not . BO Clean was a great program. I hope it’s still incorporated. Thanks

Yes it is. Free Malware Removal and Scanner 2022 | Best Anti-Malware

Thanks but that page means nothing, it still showed B O Clean as a stand alone product for a year after it was discontinued as a stand alone. Thanks for trying.

It’s in AV module of CIS.

On the Bo clean download page Price:

100% Free

Free Download

BOClean is now included in Comodo Internet Security (the AV)

I apologize to everyone but my question wasn’t answered. I know it was in the AV of 3.14 but I understand maybe in V4 the AV engine changed and other improvements. My question is " Does V4 AV still have BO Clean? " Thanks

We have built a brand new memory scanner.

That is whats in CIS.

BOclean was a memory scanner.


Wow, Everyone doesn’t get one of those. Thanks, and with that answer I’ll also use Threat Fire. Thanks again

how do you protect against unknown malware?



I rely on some good companies that know more than I do. I’m into photography and golf. I could help with those. I’ve used Comodo for years ( Firewall , BO Clean.) You then incorporated that great little program into your AV. I progressed to CIS away from AVG… You said it was an all new scanner and the way you said BO Clean was a scanner it sounded like it was no more. Therefore I will add ThreatFire to run in the background with CIS when I update… I’m a novice but it seems to do what BO Clean used to do. I also run Malwarebytes once a week. To answer your question I use your great product. I’m an old guy so be careful as you get older. Don’t get that old man disease of “The older I get the better I was” Thanks

just to clarify: Boclean like function has been built into CIS.

Antiques and Wine…two things that gets better with time…

I get bad back! :slight_smile:


Thanks , After your clarification I won’t load ThreatFire .

While antiques do go up in value, they get old and outdated. Old wine makes you lose your mind.

Thanks for your help. Doesn’t get any better.