Azureus - Slow Downloads

Hi guys

I am new to Comodo and agree that it looks great and is simple to use. However, I am sure this is a popular post but I would like to ask for help with improving the speeds of my downloads and installing this firewall has caused more problems. At the moment I am downloading at about 5.5kbs!!!

So, I have read some articles and have disabled Upnp and set the TDP/In up with the destination port to the Azureus port.

Any other ideas peeps will be greatfully received.


Same deal here.

Is there a Tutorial anywhere in here on how to setup the various P2P software programs it would be nice if somebody with the knowledge could get them up as a Sticky for all new users of Comodo.


Hi and welcome to the forum. You must be phsycic. :wink: I had thought this as well and asked the Administrative Gods to grant me permission to do so. I have started it in the Help section just middle of last week. However, as I found out, searching a million postings isn’t easy along with editing each one. I have to find those that are [resolved] and still apply to current issues which was the reason I did this. The older ones that no longer apply simply get in the way when you search. Unfortunately been having pc troubles myself but will be back on it tonight or tomorrow to add some new stuff.

Keep checking for new additions as I add them. :slight_smile:

Take care,