Azureus and Relakks

I’m having trouble setting up Comodo to work with Relakks (a VPN) and Azureus. I found the following rules on a website, which I have tried after setting up a zone called “Relakks”:

Allow IP In From IP Any To In [Relakks] Where Protocol Is Any
Allow IP Out From In [Relakks] To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any
Block IP In/Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any

This didn’t work. Azureus was blocked. I could see in “Active Connections” that the first two rules were being satisfied, but nothing was getting through to Azureus.

I thought the problem might be that I am behind a router, but I couldn’t come up with another rule that solved the problem.

Azureus works fine when Comodo and Relakks are running if I don’t have any rules specific to Azureus.

Thanks for the help.