Awesome? [Solved]

Alright! So I downloaded Comodo and everything was going fine until I loaded up one of my favorite FPS games. While I was clicking the accept button and changing the application to a trusted one, I kind of accidentally isolated an important part of the game…how do i undo this? (as in un-isolate the program)

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I sujest you take a look here. It will explain the steps to undo it :slight_smile:

Please inform me if it worked or not


Read my gamers thread.

You may have either set the executable as an isolated app or blocked it from doing something else.
First look under Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and try to locate any referances for said game.
Best thing is to highlight them and them select “Remove”/Apply(this will remove any rules allready made for the app)
Defence+ can then relearn them.
Let us know how this goes as there are other things which you may have blocked


awright :smiley: thanks VERY much. Now i don’t have to beg my bro for his computer >.<. Again, THANKS >O

Owke, then

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Thx Matty for your input