Awesome lots of alerts after windows update, forced to lower mode

After windows more or less force fed an update in windows 7 and restarted, comodo went nuts.

Like more than 30 alerts of all kinds, all looking like being legitimate windows files like

explorer is requesting direct access to hard disk

it even bloked my internet connection

i tried to change from safe mode to clean pc mode and restarted and it worked

but i would like to change it back to safe mode, maybe i could if i accept every comodod pop with remember option enabled

but i would like to be more or less sure as there is always the possibility comodo is detecting a security issue

i also made a scan with malware bytes antimalware and got nothing.

I got a log but i dont now if some of those windows registry keys long numbers are something i should cover before uploading or if they are not tailored for each pc.

It sounds like CIS may have had a temporary hiccup. Restarting without switching to Clean PC Mode might have fixed it.

Since you switched to Clean PC Mode I am not expecting alerts from CIS when switching back to Safe Mode

When you’re very sure the alerts were for Windows system files you can consider switching back to Safe Mode. But when you want to go the extra mile you can always check with the following scanners:
TDSS Killer
Hitman Pro
Super Antispyware

After that let Windows check its integrity with system file checker: Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files - Microsoft Support .

Its like comodo has lost all the training. Ive gone to download that tdsskiller tool when i received the mail with the download i clicked on the print version to save a copy with the program, and comodo went nuts with the splwow64 acceessing explorer and other services and registry, and the printspooler. For me its clear that that windows update deleted something.

Also ive receive another comodo update after that. Maybe it has something to do with this issue. Dont know. Will keep looking.

Tdsskiller Nothing

Hitman Pro Nothing more or less it did not like Punkbuster, found potentially unwanted registry entries for babylon and conduit, and a handfull of tracking cookies

Super Antispyware Nothing except a handful of tracking cookies that i deleted this time

Windows integrity Checker found something it said could not fix
however upon following directions from microsoft the log i read has not a single error, everything in the log is fine, and i also read that most of what this tool will find is not essential. Is not that i dont care but as i say the log has no errors.

I went to comodo as it was blocking some functions of my internet conection software and it had a handful of not recognised files, i added all to trusted because they were to trust, except for a single program i want to keep tigh.

After all that i supposed that i would not find more falses after restarting but it is still doing it.

Ill let it restart a few more times to see if it eventually get used to the running softwares.

Your suggested security applications add more tools to keep my pc clean i appreciate a lot u told it to me.

Are you willing to try a clean install of CIS? Try reinstalling it following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.

On what Windows are you? If on Windows 7 please install Windows KB 3024777 update. It removes broken update KB 3004394 that was released this week. See if that makes a difference in your situation or not.