Award Keylogger Pro

I always monitor my kids with their usage of the internet. I used to install a screen recorder to monitor them but lately they know how to disable it(because it is always shown in the task bar).

Now, I have to use a keylogger to monitor them(Award Keylogger Pro). Comodo detects this one. I want to allow it to do anything within the computer but if something goes wrong with it, I want to make sure that it can’t connect to the internet to send any kind of information.

How can I accomplish this?

Every now and then, comodo pops up with an alert for this app. I always select allow/trust once because I don’t know how to configure it. I want to configure it as described in the 2nd paragraph above.

Please advise.

Thank you.

NOTE: Comodo firewall free version 5.5.195786.1383

If you don’t want an application to connect to the web give it the Blocked Application policy in Firewall → Network Security Policy → Application Rules.

When you made the rule look down the list of Application Rules. If you spot a rule called “All Applications” then we need to make one more step. If the rule for the keylogger is somewhere underneath the “All Applications” rule drag and drop it to a place somewhere above.

What is the alert you get about? Is it from Defense + or the Firewall?

Please consider updating to the latest version v5.10.

This is sick. Leave them alone. Would you like if somebody spy on you? I don’t care about your good intentions.

This is sick. Leave them alone. Would you like if somebody spy on you? I don't care about your good intentions.

I will ask for your opinion on this matter If I need it!!

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Sorry for my reply HeffeD.

I started doing the monitoring early last year when I saw my kids with their friend browsing some pornographic stuff and playing those brutal games in the internet. They were only 12 and 14 years old at that time.

Windows live safety helps a lot in blocking websites but I don’t understand much of it. Screenshots are a lot easier to understand.

Back to our topic:
I updated comodo and it is now running 5.10.xxxx.2253.

Last night, before the update, I run comodo leak test(clt) and the highest score I got is 290 set at proactive with sandbox disabled.

After the update, a few minutes ago, I run the leak test again and the highest I can get is 190.

Is this telling me that I need to go back to the older version? Is it still possible to downgrade?

easiest way is to add the whole program folder to D+ trusted files and then exclude that folder from the AV scan. That should let it work just fine.

add the whole program folder to D+ trusted files and then exclude that folder from the AV scan

It is done. I don’t see anymore popup from comodo.

Under “Firewall”, I defined it as blocked application. I hope I am not making some complication. To my understanding this blocks the program to access the internet and this is one thing I want to do with my keylogger.

How about the leak test with a low score? Is it that important to increase it? The only way I know is to downgrade because I use to have a score of 290.

Please advise.