I signed up for their Antispam Gateway service on 3/1/2016, and decided to purchase 5GB of archiving storage on 7/14/2016 on a monthly plan. I noticed in 12/2016 that the portal said I had 0GB of Archiving left and no new messages were being archived, so I assumed my plan must have run out and I purchased a year subscription. Then I noticed it STILL wasn’t active and archiving, and not only did I pay for a year of service but I STILL have my monthly subscription active and getting billed for. I called support who told me that they are unable to assist me and informed me I need to email “subscriptions@comodo.com”. I did so, and after several days of not hearing back I called Comodo to find out the status and was informed I need to wait a few more days. It’s now been several weeks, NO ONE HAS GOTTEN BACK TO ME. I called support again, they still are unable to help me and told me I need to wait longer.

What the hell kind of company is this?? I’ve paid for service, all this time I haven’t been receiving, I’m now getting double billed for it, and I STILL DO NOT HAVE IT!. You call this “Enterprise” services? I call it a disgrace and a scam.

I can’t even say “you get what you pay for”, because at Comodo you don’t even get that much. You’ve been warned.

Hi Keith,

I’m sorry for the trouble’s you’ve had. Let me see if I can track someone down for you tomorrow during normal business hours. It definitely sounds out of the ordinary.

Sorry for the delay!

It’s not out of the ordinary for me, you can even see another post of mine only about 8 rows or so below this one titled “Does sales support ever respond to its email?”, I should have known if sales doesn’t respond to emails in a timely fashion to even try and get my money, why would support respond when they already have my money. The track record with me contacting Comodo for help is without exaggeration, 100% non-response until public complaints on your forum. That is absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful.


I understand your frustration. Just keep in mind that I am just a volunteer trying to help you get a resolution.

Hello @kelkin ,

Please send an email to CASG Support (asgsupport@comodo.com) with your account details (the email address used to purchase your licenses would be enough).
We will have this issue addressed as soon as possible.

Why is it EVERY SINGLE PERSON I contact tells me to contact the company in a different way, spinning my wheels and stringing me along? It isn’t enough that I’ve called, emailed, called again, emailed again, escalated, called again, posted to the forum? Now I’m to email yet another email address after I was told my issues was escalated (yet again?)

I think at this point, I should just reply to this thread every day that goes by where I have yet to have my issue resolved while your company continues to (double) charge me for a service that I can’t even use.

I just tried starting a live chat with one of your operators to get a status, and I just received the typical example of your quality support.

“Please wait for a site operator to respond”
“You are now chatting with ‘Sandra’”
“Chat session has been terminated by the site operator”


Keith, I’m sorry that your issue hasn’t been resolved and quite frankly, I am shocked! I backed off my efforts when someone else stepped in. However, let me see if there’s anything I personally can do to get you the resolution you need since the previous method did not appear to work. I’ve made senior Comodo management aware of this thread so that should get it some additional visibility. Please keep in mind that Monday, 16 Jan 2017 is a US Holiday and business offices might be closed. Hopefully, we can get your issue resolved, early next week, during normal business hours.

P.S. I’ve gone ahead and made senior Comodo management aware of this thread so that should get it some visibility.

Thank you for your reply, I feel it’s necessary for me to say a few things.

  1. My hostility and anger is not directed towards you, it’s directed at the incompetent support and mismanagement of Comodo’s support department I’ve experienced since the day I signed up. I do appreciate any effort you put forward, especially since you are a volunteer. I was very nice the first few times I contacted support, but enough is enough. If I was actually providing your services as a managed service to my clients, this would have absolutely destroyed my reputation and income.

  2. I have no doubt that IF support had the ability to help me, they would have already. The fact that they haven’t after all the communication tells me that Comodo management either hasn’t provided them with the tools necessary to do their job, or they frankly just don’t care about their products and reputation.

  3. For the level of service I need, I absolutely could have gotten away with a free account, but I decided that if I’m utilizing a service, especially one worth paying for, I should pay for it since it’s the right thing to do. It also was supposed to allow me to contact support should I need it; something I now regret paying for since not only am I not getting the services I’m paying for, I’m also not getting the support that’s supposed to be included either. I should be refunded every cent I’ve paid so far because of this.

  4. Here is how this entire situation should have been handled.
    ONE phone call to support.
    The person who answered the call should have been able to look up my purchases, verify the license keys were never activated on my account, and activate them. Simple, short, and sweet,

The way this has been handled from the very beginning is disgraceful, and management should be completely embarrassed by their entire operation and inability to provide the most basic level of support.


I wanted to post an update on the current situation.

First off: Another day has passed with no response / reply from “subscriptions”. No surprise there, it’s kind of comical now to see how long it will take to get a response. I’ve decided to give them until the end of the week to reply, after that I’ll be contacting my bank and filing a claim to have Comodo charged back for the services I’ve paid for that they haven’t delivered. I’ve already researched a few competitors out there and will be performing a proof on concept tomorrow so I’ll be ready to migrate over this weekend if necessary.

Second: Tech support informed me today why my archiving was never activated, apparently the license I purchased was for the US data center and not the European data center where my account was located. I’m not sure how or why this occurred since at the time of purchase, there was no indication that the license was for one data center or the other. I’m even more confused as to why it took a month to get this figured out. The solution to this was to migrate me to the US data center which would then allow my archiving to be activated. I did that tonight and it appears to be working; I’m just confused why it took so long to identify the cause and remediate it.

I do want to thank Michael and Wyatt in tech support since they both helped me as much as they possibly could, unfortunately the billing issue is out of their domain and it’s up to someone from "subscriptions’ to contact me to address that problem, I’m convinced that will never happen and I’ll have to let my bank handle it from this point. What a shame, and how unprofessional of Comodo. Shame on them.

Another day has gone by, and still no response from the Subscriptions department. I’ve already pointed one of my domains to another provider to test it out, so far so good.

Thanks for ignoring your customers Comodo, I may not be a large customer but your demonstration of your lack of support is appalling.

My issues have been “escalated” and supposedly "upper management is aware’, yet I still have not received ONE response in regards to my outstanding issues. Let this serve as a warning to anyone who is considering using this company for any service… If your issue can’t be resolved at level one, it won’t get resolved at all, especially if it involves billing / subscriptions.


Keith, can you please PM me with as MUCH specific details as you can provide me with aside from what you have supplied here? I have internal contacts that I am using to get you a resolution and I will need as much information, about your account, that you can provide me with without giving me any secure account information. (e.g. no passwords) I feel terrible for how long and drawn out this whole ordeal has been. I have never seen such a case in my ten years of service.

Please understand that Monday (16 Jan) was a US holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and Comodo’s business offices were closed. I also was out for most of Tuesday and Wednesday (17&18) attending a family event so I couldn’t follow up with someone internally on Comodo’s next business day.

I appreciate your trying to help, it’s sad that it’s taking a former employee / volunteer to raise awareness of a situation when multiple calls, emails, and complaints on their public forum somehow go unnoticed.

I finally received a response from “Subscriptions” yesterday, the reason they listed for their lack of response goes beyond the absurd, they claimed they accidentally placed the response to my email “in the wrong folder”. If that were true, and I doubt it is, the multiple calls, emails, and forum posts should have alerted someone and resulted in a return response, yet this did not happen until today.

I’m even more disgusted that the company didn’t even have the decency to call me after all of this, they just emailed a silly excuse and stated they provided various adjustments in billing and to my account, neither of which appear to have been done correctly. I’ve responded to their email, and carefully watching the clock to see how long it takes to receive a response again. I am very, very disappointed in this company.

I just wanted to update everyone that I did today receive the refunds promised to me on Wednesday, all that is outstanding at this point in time is their correcting my license so the portal stops complaining that I’m unlicensed. I’m glad to bring the billing portion of this to a close, and hopefully support can take care of the rest.


Quite a saga! Glad it’s apparently worked out you - at last

Figured I’d provide an update… As I mentioned on this thread, the portal is complaining that I’m unlicensed even after they “fixed” everything for me. I reported it here on 1/20, as well as informed them via my open ticket. It’s now 2/5 and guess what? The problem still exists, and they didn’t respond to the email I sent them about the issue. I’m in disbelief how this company actually stays in business.

I really understand your frustration and confusion.
I realize that I could not make your experience any better by that but for the sake of clarity let me try to explain logic behind all above events (as far as I could understand it from all above):

  1. Initially two licenses were purchased in a different datacenters - this was initial issue which then developed (in many tickets and calls) into
  2. Your complain settlement decision was made to reimburse you full value of licenses - this action actually disabled your domain license in US instance
  3. All licenses were eventually consolidated in US datacenter but your domain license was disabled as per previous step (this is when you have seen the message that you exceed limit of registered domains)
  4. In attempt to fix this issue subscription team generated two brand-new keys for relevant products and this triggered automatic charge request.
  5. Since payment was not successful these two new keys were disabled.

So bottom line:

  • You do not need to take any actions for now to activate your service
  • Billing department is just activated your licenses…

I hope above actions will return your journey back onto normal track and you will enjoy rest of 2017 with great performance of Antispam Gateway!

Just to update anyone who happens to come across this topic, I feel it’s only fair to reply with the good and not just the bad. Since the original incident occurred, and they finally figured out how to activate my licensing properly, everything has worked just fine. I haven’t had any issues, and I’m happy with the service. I haven’t needed to contact support for anything, so I can’t comment on if their response time has improved, but I may wind up submitting a ticket today so if I do I will keep everyone apprised of how my new support experience goes.

Thank you to everyone at Comodo for getting things working.

I’m glad things have worked out for you - finally.

I’d like to thank you for posting the update. While it’s not uncommon for subscription/licensing issues to occur (and not just Comodo - let us never speak of JobsPlus again 88)), it’s nice to see a client publicly acknowledge a company when they (finally) get it right, even when all they did was what they should have done.

Fingers crossed CASG continues to work well for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.
It was unacceptable for us to make you wait this long. We have taken further action to improve that.