Avira V10 adds Cloud Based detection to its arsenal

Hi all, Avira V10 adds Cloud Based detection to its arsenal :-*

On free version too?

Unfortunately no. Bummer, but I have Immunet alongside Avira V10 Personal “Free”, I’ll survive. :wink:

Hi Guys,

In this case the beginning of this article is a bit misleading.

... adds cloud-based detection to a free-of-charge security scanner
It seems that it should be free ???

I haven’t visited Avira’s site yet though


From what I’m hearing they need to worry about the basics of version 10 before anything else.

Hi Watasha ,

… and you are hearing (reading) what & where ? 88)

The upgrade on Win 7 x64 went smoothly …
Sure - to early to make other conclusions, but the settings were saved; the guard/scanning is working…

…still had no time to find out more about their cloud.
Cannot see it … probably it’s still “somewhere in the cloud” ;D


Everywhere there’s a thread on it. “Same detection, stupid pop-up still here, ■■■■■■■ up updater, gap between paid & free growing etc.” I don’t use it so I don’t know, that’s just what I’m hearing. You know how it is with new releases. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to find that “everywhere” ;D

Don’t know what you meant by “Same detection” though

For many months there were not a single problem on that win 7 x64.
I just installed it for my friend.
Working flawlessly in conjunction with Comodo Firewall 3.14

In addition I’m testing a-squared Anti-Malware Beta 5 there, since he will use that after the stable release.

But I can confirm that in the past I could not get Avira to work properly on 2 XPs Pro and win2000 Pro with the constant unexpected shutdowns of the Guard & yes, the updater issue. It seems they solved that problem


I don’t know, some people were saying the detection was exactly the same as version 9 or something. I saw one guy who was threatening to turn on his AV part of CIS! :smiley: Oh and you know where “everywhere” is. :wink:

“exactly the same” = "not very clear = “exactly not clear” :stuck_out_tongue:

;D That was a good one! ;D Thanks 4 the “mood improvement” ;D

… but I’ll be at least notified by the mods if I post it here, therefore I’ll refrain myself from doing that :smiley:

Immunet or Immunet/Clam AV? Open Source was never so bad!

Just Immunet with Avira V10 Personal, not with ClamAV, BTW they are close to a new Immunet V2 release.

Slightly !ot!. Has Immunet incorporated all of ClamAV sigs into Immunet?? or is ClamAV just using there cloud tech?

Yes. They may start to diverge a bit after this next release but at the moment Immunet Protect & Immunet/ClamAV are exactly the same.

+1 on that

avast is thinking on cloud based detection also.
They did not disclose the details. But it will be in the free version also.

CIS 2011 will have it also as far I could read in the forums.

im hopeful that cloud based avs will become bigger because as fast as signatures come out it isnt enough but sig based avs will always be around for people with no constant internet acsess
you have to admit avira is looking ahead

I really can’t comment as I do not use Avira. Tested last year but for a few period of time. The update scheme and the popups make it last less than one week in my computer.