Avira free became adware

Sad to see another one going to the dark side…
Ask toolbar and Uniblue aggressive ad tatics.

Update: We have changed the licensing type on our Avira AntiVir Personal listing from "Freeware" to "Ad-supported" as a result of this incident. Avira gave us assurances in the past that it won't display third-party ads through the product citing company ethos.

Since those policies have clearly changed and we want our users to be well informed about what they install, we have updated our listing accordingly. A similar change will be enforced for paid versions of Avira AntiVir if the product’s Service Pack 2 (SP2) ships with the rebranded Ask toolbar included.

they must not be doing to good…

Do you have more info about market share?
I feel the same… AVG has recovered some market in US but Avira seems to be loosing with their updates popups and now these bad agreements…

Comodo’s competition is digging their own grave.

Nope, No info; other than More people are going to Comodo or Avast or [insert company here except AVG/Avira]

Simple if more people are goinging X Computer then Y Company would be loosing business/clients/users

but I think what John said is correct; Simply you can’t compete with Comodo in a sense they give a Car for free and Avast only gives 4 tires and a engine components.

Avira did s… again!!!

It sometimes seems to disable real-time protection after installation. The problem occurs when users decline to install the browser toolbar of search engine operator Ask.com

Sad to see another one going to the dark side… ;D