Avira AntiVir PE Guard problem with CFP_3.0.13.268_X32

CPU: AMD 4200+X2 (64 bit)
OS: Windows XP SP2 (32 bit)
Active Security: Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic v7.06.00.270 updated to latest.

When I select a file and click the right mouse button to choose ‘properties’, and it is a file that has been classified by AntiVir as suspicious (Heur/Crypt), I will normally get a requester with a choice between the options ‘Quarantine/Deny Access/Ignore’. When I choose ‘Ignore’, since I know that the file is harmless but contains encrypted code (i.e. DVD Rebuilder Pro), then I will finally get the Windows file-properties screen.

With the new CFP 3 I get, after a pause of about a minute or more, the AntiVir requester with ‘Quarantine/Deny Acces/Ignore’ and when I choose Ignore it will not give me the Windows file-properties screen in the end. If I choose ‘Deny Access’ then it will keep ‘looping’ between the AntiVir requester until I choose Ignore or Quarantine.

I have tried to solve this problem by setting Defense+ → ‘Computer Security Policy’ to ‘Trusted Application’ and ‘Windows System Application’ for the AntiVir ‘avgnt.exe’ and ‘avguard.exe’. Unfortunately without any noticeable effects.

In other words. I can’t get a file-properties window for a file that Avira AntiVir Guard regards as suspicious (Heur/Crypt).