Avira-antiVir newbie

Does Avira antiVir consume less memory resources like NOD32? How does it compare with NOD32 with respect to fast scanning & fast updating (I use dial-up internet connection)? thanks…

Resources are like 11MB RAM. Scanning is pretty fast, and I have a lot of files and some big files (movies). Takes like 45-50 min to scan my 50 GB. Updating takes like 10 seconds for me (got 10 mbit/s tho). It updates very often too.


Yes its scan speed and low resources usage is remarkable, considering how good it is. About the updates it’s seconds for me also but the free version updates through low-priority servers and the time may depend on your location etc., although as I said it’s seconds for me.

I have also excellent experiences from Antivir, so I installed it on a friend’s system some months ago (he’s also got CFP 3, upgraded from 2.4). Recently Antivir stopped working, I have no idea why so I reinstalled it for him. Then during the first updating, the progress just went over and over. A never ending circle. The reason for the first and the second problems could be anything, boy, his machine was totally bloated and “dirty”… not necessarily containing malware, but still quite badly working. I was glad to return home to my “rocket”. Not as good hardware as my friend but waayy faster. :wink:


your friend need a hammer

Leoni, sounds like a problem my parents had with their computer last year. Their’s kept running Windows Update, over and over, until the C drive became so bloated it barely worked at all. The solution was a reformat and fresh OS install.

LOL, or he needs me spending a couple of hours with CCleaner. ;D
Boy, I’ve really deleted things now, there’s hardly anything left on my C:. 8)

ganda, are you still satisfied with Avira? Plays well with CFP 3? But you do know that when CAVS 3 arrives, you are obliged to try it. :wink:

Really? You mean it ran WU automatically? What a strange problem. I hope Avira’s updating won’t continue in such a cycle, then I would really have to grab CCleaner and visit my friend for an hour or two. (which I gladly do, although he would tease me for being a computer nerd >:()


that’s the plan!
i have too much number of security software.
let see, Antivir,BOC, CFP,CMF,ST,S.blaster, DrWebCureit. by using integrated BOC+CAVS & CFP+CMF, i’m reducing 2 of them ;D

huh ??? Antivir stop working? what cycle? maybe you should just do this to your friend’s comp :

huh? you’re not? ;D

LOL, now I know why some people seem to call you paranoid, I also read somewhere today that you have D+ in Paranoid mode :smiley:

The last thing I saw before leaving was signatures being downloaded and installed, over and over again. The updating window could not be stopped, I had to terminate it from CFP’s Active Process List (I could probably have used Task Manager but why not try CFP :)).

I don’t know, I just know that my totally unskilled friend(s) have completely bloated, ■■■■■■ and bad-working systems, often better hardware than me but still - slow systems compared to my rocket!! ;D I suppose there’s a reason why my system works so much better…


;D better save than sorry :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

that’s unusual ??? Antivir update window will automatically close after finishing the update process. wanna borrow my hammer? :smiley:

(:NRD) yeah, you’re definitely a comp nerd, you even name your computer ;D