Avira-antiVir newbie

hi guys
i’ve just replaced my CAVS 2.0 with Avira Antivir (pretty old, i’ve got copy of the installer from my friend) and i guess i need some guidance.

i got “sched.exe” error when i was trying to update, (i’ve googled it & i found that it’s related to avira scheduler),btw the updater kept go on, but in the middle of it (about 50% of update bar) the update window shut off & i got this warning:
“scheduler not loaded”. (:AGY) . i’m sure i didn’t do anything related to scheduler.
the warning shows up everytime i try to update Avira until i reboot my computer.
after rebooting, i got the same “sched.exe” error, then the update seems fine until the “scheduler not loaded” warning show up again. >:(
maybe it’s a curse for leaving CAVS ;D , what’s the connection between updating & the scheduler?why the update need it?

can somebody help me?


edit : :BNC i guess my Avira is fine now, after 3 times trying to update >:(, my avira sig has been updated, and i don’t know why,but it seems the sched.exe problem is fixed too.
so far so good, got many false positives though (:TNG).

so, any suggestion to improve/set up avira?

more edit : my 500th post :smiley:

Should’ve downloaded a fresh copy from their homepage :wink:

I don’t got too many suggestions but here we go.
First of all, you should set the heuristic to ‘Medium’, while ‘High’ might be ‘safer’ it will cause a lot of false positives.
Else, it updates automatically, so no need to worry about that. Just do a full scan about once a week and you’ll be fine :wink:

Congratulations ;D


Hi Ganda! (again…lol)

I never had this update scheduler issue, so…

(I did never use a scheduler with avira, by the way, all is under command here…i like it this way)


maybe it’s because you did not download and use the latest install file from the ORIGINAL page.

maybe it’s because of parts of a former AV still lurking somewhere on your sys.

or maybe it’s because I’m heavy on ■■■■ today again…

I don’t really know…

well, try this link?


If it doesn’t work, http://www.free-av.com/ is always the right place to go for avira free…

for any other questions concerning AVIRA, ask MorphOS REBOL me again.

Thanks for paying me a ■■■■ anytime.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Concerning the “Setup”, well, at first (three years ago or so) I had some issues with fp’s, but long time ago.
I admit I have set all functions to heuristics high.
No problems with the progs I am running (way lots of them I guess)
I have also added all unwanted progs detection. no problems thus far.

Are you sure you got fp’s and not real alarms?

You are welcome to post all fp’s on their board, of course, but…are you sure?

If having problems with the germans over there, I guess, I’m most of the time able to correct it…


hi guys, thx for replying
i’m not patient enough to download the fresh installer, are they different? (the old installer & the new one?) beside the malware sig? my comp is clean, it’s not a big false positive, it catch DigStream something (i’m sure this is suspicious), and trojan simulator (it supposed to). but avira detects PCMAV.exe (AntiVirus installer) as a malware.

i guess this is the culprit.
yesterday, when i was unistalling CAVS 2, i got “CAV email scanner uninstallation failed”, and this morning i got “Comodo Anti-Viruspyware Monitor Service has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”
i did the uninstallation in safe mode & using CAV uninstaller.
now what i’m supposed to do? should i do system restore, (i created restore point before uninstalling CAVS), try to remove it once again, and download the latest avira installer? (oh my…)

hi guys,
just wanna tell you,
i’ve downloaded the newest AVIRA antivir from www.free-av.com today (i’ve spent 2 hours of my life for it ;D )
i’ve restored my system to the time when CAVS is still installed, de-install it again (safe mode, i’ve tried using CAVS uninstall option and uninstall through add/remove program),still got the “CAV email scanner uninstallation failed” & “Comodo Anti-Viruspyware Monitor Service has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. >:(

now i’m using the latest avira-Antivir. :■■■■


I use the AntiVir default config and it serves me well for years. Most important thing is to keep the AV up to date. This is more important than the heuristics settings.

It auto-updates, so you don’t need to think about that :wink:
But yes, it’s the most important part.


I’ve used AntiVir myself for some time now,ever since I found Avast became resource hungry.It’s detection rate is excellent,among the top level including paid for AV.On the high settings the heuristics do tend to be a bit over zealous,medium is usually sufficient.You can always increase the level to high when performing risky tasks such as P2P etc. :■■■■

(:WAV) thx for the suggestions guys
about the update, don’t worry about it. updating AV/AS is my breakfast :slight_smile:
maybe i’m too nosy asking this question: how do Avira company make money? we can get what they offer in their security suite for free.
spyware/adware protection ==> spyware terminator/CBO offers realtime protection for free
email scanner ==> not a must have
fast update ==> ??? the free version server ain’t bad at all
5 euro donation ==> ha! bite me. if a wanna donate my money, i’ll give it directly
adware protection/av notifier ==> like Rebol said, HIPS can block it (i like the halloween theme btw ;D )
firewall/antispam ===> comodo has them, and i’ve never heard about how good avira’s firewall
webguard ? ==> what is this? like mcafee security advisor or crawler web security guard perhaps?

Well these companies usually have commercial products and it’s good publicity to give away a freebie.Take Comodo for example,they manage to give away the best firewall on the market which serves to advertise the comodo brand ,aiding sales of their paid-for services. (V)

make sense (:CLP) . well, bless them all :slight_smile:

Well, Ganda, the following may or may not (but I guess it will) be of some interest to you.

Avira (former HBEDV Datentechnik) is the oldest AV for PC existing on earth. (Since early 1986).

The company supporting it to be freely available is the german “Auerbach Stiftung”.


a foundation supporting art, culture, and science.

and now additionally against cancer and child abuse.

This is why it’s been free for years now.
And this is why there is a donation possibility AND a pay version.

Hope you like this answer :slight_smile:

Cheers, have another ■■■■ with me?

By the way, glad to read that the blocking of that notorious popup worked for you… :slight_smile:

cool, so Avira is kinda like a non-profit company, i see.
and about the pop up, i didn’t block it. HIPS warned me about AVnotify.exe, but i allow it, i like the halloween ad ;D

:■■■■ :■■■■ another ■■■■ (for you), i prefer milk ;D

errr yeah.
i heard Avira can catch 99% of malwares, so for the 1 %, we can simply pour milk or ■■■■ to our computer and get a new one ;D . actually i’m addicted to coffee, not just coffee i’m a brand fanatic. i love my nescafe ;D . ■■■■ is bitter btw.
i guess the discussion about Avira-Antivir is over. i’m no longer newbie now. it’s a great product. can’t believe what i’ve said about it before :stuck_out_tongue: .

another ■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

Quick question for you Avira AV users. Is it a simple AV? If i was to install it on my mothers computer. would it be a hassle for her? (she dosent know anything about computers or how they work)

Yes it’s easy to use. It updates automatically. But set heuristc scanning to low/medium, else she’ll get a lot of false positives :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, you might need to do a full scan sometimes, if you can’t learn her how to do it. Just double-click AntiVir in the traybar and choose ‘Scan system now’ :wink:
Lol, it’s so funny that our parents are so ■■■■■■, my dad hardly know how to turn on the computer ;D


EDIT: No offence against your mum, but it’s 2007 now, so everyone should know how a computer works :stuck_out_tongue:

this product is designed for individual PCs,and does not support network drive scan.
now this is a minus point for Avira-antivir >:( i can’t scan my server comp using Avira, luckily i still have Spyware terminator’s clam AV to do the job.but still…

Avira is an excellent antivirus but its problem is with its false positives, you must always quarantine instead of deleting. Check the files that is deleting with other AV, it may be a good chance it is a false positive/