avira 9 final is out.


the free version is not available yet it seems.

it is, you need to go to download.com. They have exclusive acces to it
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ah cool, thanks :wink: , i went there but i had only version 8.0
i hope they protected better their self protection processus cause build 8.0 was easy to kill.

They always hosted their free version externally, and referred to Download.com as the first choice. If I just follow links from Avira.com they take me normally to the free 9 version. You have to click a couple of times more than if you want the paid versions of course, :wink: as ever.

New: Basic Anti-Spyware.


With elevated rights I reckon…? 88)

i’m actually testing avira 9 premium.
they added option to protect processus, now it needs to be tested by some files able to end processus using lot of options. have to search for them, can’t remember the name.
the UI stays the same, there’s no improvment on this side,
the webguard got some option to block I-frames.
don’t know if there’s really some improvment about protecting processus, i found it in avira free edition but i can’t find it in the premium config, maybe i need glasses.
the scanner is still very fast, but what i dont like is the various processus installed to run avira,
kaspersky got one process for exemple, avp.exe and that’s all.

How’s the recource usage ? Still as low as before ?


yo! is it true that avira 9 free will include spyware protection? :-La

Yeah, it’s now a complete antimalware :slight_smile:


When looking for the free version it’s faster to go directly to its own website outside the main one:

So how many processes does current Avira run ? V8 had 5 or 6 and I don’t like that. BTW KIS runs 2 avp.exe processes (1 for the core and 1 for the GUI)

Avira has around 4, 5 process, if I remember, but it’s very very light on resources.

And you need glass :slight_smile: You can download Avira 9 from this direct link http://www.free-av.com/en/download/download_servers.php

Their own hosting is for backup, they prefer if people use Download.com or similar. You’ll probably get poor download speed for the free version from Avira’s own servers.

avira premium uses 4 processus on vista 64, when u open the UI, it uses 5. when using the configuration it uses 6.
on avira free it uses 2 processus on xp pro 32bit.
then 3 for ui and 4 with configurator.
avguard.exe on vista 64 and on xp pro 32bit : the memory used always changes so i cant tell, it goes from 500KB to 13 000KB.
the webguard on vista 64 requires now 8636KB
so at the end avira is still good with ressource usage. i have no problem about speed on my machines, all is fine.
but kaspersky got a option others have not : it has a certificat to be able to scan into encrypted connexions :wink: and it works perfect on xp, got probs on vista with updates.

Avira Premium version 9 uses fewer resources than version 8. I even left 6 months license, and I’m trying for now.
CIS uses far fewer resources, but I feel safer with antivirus like avira.

Unless I’m missing something (Windows XP 32 bits), AntiVir has three resident processes here: the protection service (avguard.exe) now using 9 MB of memory, the scheduling service (sched.exe) with less than half MB, that I guess you could disable if you don’t want to schedule tasks (including automatic updates), and avgnt.exe at less than 2 MB, that must be little more than the tray icon.