This will be an AVG discussion topic


I had the 8 installed but after more then 24 hours pc activity it used 20-30% of cpu time, even if i set no schedule etc.
I now have Avira Antivir Personal edition

AVG?, never used it and never will, just my thoughts on the whole matter Xan, sorry it’s not for me. :-TD
Xman (R)
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but if ya never used it how can you now you don’t like it? lol
i like avg, nice gui, just good protection. It is the most downloaded free antivirus so it can’t be bad right ;D

I have had AVG (Paid) for a six years and never had any problems in the last year I changed my desktop from ME to Vista at first it was alright then tried their firewall prior to finding CFP3, then changed back to just antivirus and found they had started installing a firewall driver anyway ??? (On Demand).
I tried version 8 on laptop (XP) found it a resource hog, slow to boot, problems with scan etc. so have returned to version 7.5.
As soon as CAVS3 is released I will uninstall AVG even though I have more than a year left on the licences.

My thoughts, AVG 7.5 wasn’t bad at all, but the V8 is really a downgrade


Hi Dennis2, strength in numbers doesn’t always necessarily mean the best, I’ve tried several anti-virus programs in the past 5 years & I’ve just recently discovered Rising Free AV (last 6 months) & I’m willing to stick with it till CIS arrives, I’ve seen AVG 7 & 7.5 and I just wasn’t overly impressed with either version but that’s just me…

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you can say the same thing about norton (being installed on every new microsoft pc) nowadays and look how good that is… 88)

anyway, i’ve used avg. it’s alright but as Xan said, 8.0 is a downgrade. i prefer avast. :wink:

Ever since v7.5, It’s been a no go for me.


 Used to have AVG 7.5.  It was fast, light and effective.  Enter AVG 8.0, bloatware.  Promptly searched for an alternative and am now using Avira Antivir Personal (free).


AVG Free Edition 8.0.176 was just out… and guess what? It’s a 51MB download without Rookit protection… Come on CIS is half it’s size!

AVG… Sorry guys. :-TD


I used to be a user of AVG for about 2 years and I stopped at 7.5 when I came across comodo. I was never really dissapointed in AVG, I liked it - I just liked Comodo more :slight_smile: I have seen 8.* Briefly on a friends computer a few weeks ago and he had an infection which I cleaned using Comodo, I found it to be resource heavy.

By the way I’m not saying its detection is bad, Just mainly the resource usage. Cause no Av can detect everything.

You would not have liked 8 no where near 7.5 had been using Avg for 6/8 years keep 8 on for 1 month the when back to 7.5 no doubt they have improved on the bugs but for resource I doubt they can change this without a complete change.


Go for it!!! :smiley:

Anyway, back on the topic itself, the new version of AVG 8 (SP2) is out (not sure if the final version, but I think it is, since there is a full version download, as well), and it seems to be lighter than the SP1 version.

The one thing I still don’t like is that if you have LinkScanner Lite/Pro already installed on your system, it won’t install, unless you uninstall the stand-alone LinkScanner first. I don’t like this approach, as the stand alone version also offers protection to Opera (the paid version of LinkScanner). The LinkScanner Pro version in AVG 8 Pro, doesn’t. Bad move by AVG.

Hmm. My AVG 8 found all sort of tracking cookies few months ago, but now that i got it running again and updated (Didn’t want to update for some reason), It didn’t pick up no tracking cookies at all. The other (earlier?) version of AVG, The Ewido anti-spyware, still picks up those tracking cookies. Also eXterminate it! and Ad-aware do find few tracking cookies. So what happened with AVG? Do they keep tracking cookies such an low threat now? In my opinion, even tracking cookies should be dealt with atleast in some level.

Well, if they’re more basing themselves on more advanced malware it’s fine by me, but sadly they don’t. Tracking cookies are actually harmless, untill you check your mail…


well, I consider tracking cookies as a privacy threat, along with those advertiser cookies… you can’t remove with your browser settings, so in some kind it is unwanted piece of code…

I have used AVG for many years, and I am pleased with its detection! I am now a user of comodo antivirus, because I found also that the avg 8.0 version was a bit heavy on resources and lately the updates were not very well, I mean a lot of false positives, but they are working on it… I still love AVG, but I hope they slim it down a bit…

I did not decide to switch to avira, because its free version lacks the detection of spyware… and that is a no go for me… Spyware is in my humble opinion a bigger threat than viruses… so I still prefer AVG above AVIRA…

I am heavily anti-AVG, and when i am anti-AVG, i become… !ot!.. pro-other AV, including Norton LOL.

Same here Darth, my first anti vir program was actually AVG. I am still very satisfied with it’s detection but i keep Avira, CIS (Mainly for firewall and D+) and a couple of more programs in my pc, just in case AVG would ahppen to miss something/Comodo would miss/etc. Bit paranoid mayby but hey, you can never be too careful.