AVG Free 2011

Whats your take on AVG Free 2011.

According to AVG Official Site, the new free AVG offers

Antivirus/Antispyware & Antimalware (all malwares)


Cloud Protection

So now free AVG is comparable with free Avast & Avira & AVG has also mentioned that now the core protection in free AVG is same as in Pro AVG products.

So what say frds??? Any one tried??? I saw Languys video on you tube & find it good.


Indeed a good one for IDP protection.

What AV to use is your call!

I have 2 Laptops. So on one I am trying CIS 5 Suite & on other Avast 5 Free & Zonealarm Firewall Free (This combination I found good for average users)


I think Avast is far better than avg; i have tried both.

I have seen that avg has added IDF, anti-malware and anti-rootkit.

if you want the best free security then i would choose CIS with immunet and the alternative to that is avast5 with immunet and comodo firewall or ZA.


So which is the best free AV in the current lot Avira, Avast, AVG & Microsoft.
According to you which one stands No.1,2,3, & 4.


  1. Avast
  2. Avira
  3. Microsoft
  4. Avg


If you use Sandboxie ,Returnil … To get good protection :wink:
I would use Avast, they make their program compatible with other security programs :-TU

Thanxx a lot buddies.


I still use only 1 antivirus.
and I didn’t mind that some users or review said it can install with other AV.

Not sure if this information is useful but my friend runs avg 2011 real time, also just did a full scan and came up clean, then he did a full scan with Malwarebytes on demand and found 11 errors related to trojans. Kind regards.

[to Petit] You can have Immunet together with your current AV.


IMO, Avg still doesn’t make the cut, the only thing possible to be recommended from AVG is maybe the linkscanner. The I

  1. I pick avira as #1, even though the free version doesn’t have the web guard. You still need to have a virus in the harddrive and/or memory to get infected
  2. then avast
AVG Identity Protection™ Identifies software that behaves strangely in order to protect your identity
It's a clever marketing term, if you put that jumbo marketing terms to technical terms, it's backly a form of "hips" (Host-based Intrusion Prevention). avg's hips can't be compaired to comodo's, kasperskys, or symantics hips
AVG Social Networking Protection (NEW and UNIQUE to AVG) Protects you and your friends on social networks

AVG Online Shield™ for safe downloading
Checks files before you download them

AVG Online Shield™ for safe chatting
Ensures online chat links are safe

it’s nothing more the realtime web protection. all avg marketing team is doing is breaking down what some of the things it does. Avg can even add p2p protection and microsoft office protection on there webpage WITHOUT having to change any code. 2 weeks from now, they (avg) could say has Instant messaging protection. It wouldn’t be a new feature, it’s just explains another thing that it already does Most AV software do the same thing, but better.
(If you ignore all the marketing terms,The question is which one does a better job of protecting your computer from the web) While nothing is perfect, which one gets the job done

Now I’m done with my rambling >:-D