AVG 8.5 reports Win32/PolyCrypt

I can’t update Comodo FW because AVG 8.5 reports Win32/PolyCrypt in the file:


Any suggestions?

Tell AVG to ignore the file permanently. This is a false positive. If that doesn’t help temporarily disable AVG; of course make sure the download of CIS is the only active connection to the web; as in close all other browser windows and tabs.

Also consider submitting the false positive to AVG.

hi jack2009 :-* I think you don’t use CIS both FW and AV,I advise you to try CIS +AV,my opinion CIS AV it’s better than AVG and as you saw there are incompatibilities between CIS and others AV.
hope it’s useful :-TU

AVG is detecting a false positive in a CIS file. This isn’t an incompatibility between the two, simply a FP on AVG’s end.


Yes, the same thing happened to me. I have sent the false positive alarm to AVG with screenshot and said it is not a virus.

I am using AVG and not sure if i have to switch to Comodo’s antivirus. It might be hard to say what to do. But one program with two things in one sounds really good. :slight_smile: So far AVG works good along with Comodo, at least for me.


For godsake don’t use AVG. It’s the worst anti-virus ever.

good point, anathaen,at first I used Avast!,AVG,NOD Essety and Avira,to me it seems there are incompatibilities between CIS FW and another AV,so I decided to install CIS both FW and AV;I feel my PC work smoothly. my opinion.

Anathaen, could you please explain why it is the worst antivirus ever? Before switching to something else i would like to know what made you think so and why you are saying so. :-[

Baptistul, thank you for your answer too. I was using Zone Alarm Pro before that included both antivirus and firewall, but it has closed on its own twice during attack and i switched to Comodo. Recovering after attack i have used AVG since it was free and the first solution i could come up with. So far i did not encounter any trouble with it and i would like to know what made you change it. You are speaking of incompatibilities, could you tell me what exactly? I’m asking so much because i need to know what are the advantages of Comodo antivirus. Probably not the right web site section to ask, but anyway. :slight_smile: Thanks!


AVG does a good job with detection. Heuristics were only mediocre in the past.

On my older hardware AVG 8.x has performance hiccups that made me leave it. On more modern dual core systems it seems to run smooth.

AVG thinks its own .dll is a virus. Worst detection, too many false positives.

Sorry, can’t agree with you. I had AVG and everything went through it.

hi all. sorry for my late post,I’ve problemm with my PC because of electrical surge.It’s hard to explain what kind of incompatibilities between CIS FW and others AV,but to me Avast!,AVG,Nod Esset 32 they are viruses’ friends and Avast1 & AVG takes too much RAM MB,Avast only notice you it detecs a virus but do nothing to delete or let you an option to do that,AVG no notice,no action,nothing at all.CIS both FW and AV use little RAM,approx.12-14 MB of RAM.sounds good.my love it’s Avira,but when I unistalled it and installed CIS both FW and AV it seems to me my pc works much better.take a look to magazines about Securities Solutions;i saw somewhere CIS it’s placed on third place:1)G Data(?);2)Kaspersky;3)CIS.

In what magazine did you see that test? That’s interesting.