AVG 2012

AVG lanched 2012 series…

Is there a change log? Then please post it as your topic start is not very informative.

changelog for free avg edition:


  • AntiRootkit: Improved detection of new variants of Alureon rootkit.
  • Anti-Rootkit: Fixed several false positive detections.
  • AvgSys: Fixed issue with scan of dynamic hard drives.
  • Core: Fixed crash during scan of registry.
  • Core: Polymorphic malware detection methods have been optimized.
  • Core: Some false alarms removed.
  • Core: More flexible virus definitions.
  • Core: Improved heuristic detection.
  • Core: Optimization of “Scan files referred in registry” in Resident Shield.
  • Documentation: Instructions on fixing the most frequent technical issues have been added to chapter Troubleshooting in Help.
  • Identity Protection: New RogueAV detection was added to IDP component.
  • General: AVG products allow sound notifications for specific alerts.
  • General: Added support for Anti-Rootkit exceptions.
  • General: Added copyright information on third party resources.
  • Kernel: End of MS Outlook 2000/2002 support.
  • Kernel: Fixed issue with Resident Shield exclusion list when Kerio mail server is installed.
  • Online Shield: Fixed HTTP traffic corruption when AVG Accelerator is enabled.
  • Outlook: Fixed compatibility issue with Alt-N Outlook Connector.
  • Outlook: Fixed Outlook addin compatibility with additional e-mail accounts.
  • Safe Search: Fixed crash in Google Chrome when BitDefender TrafficLight is enabled.
  • Safe Search: Fixed LinkScanner crash during common browsing.
  • Safe Search: Optimization for framesets implemented.
  • Safe Search: Fixed issue with https Facebook not showing verdict icons in Google Chrome.
  • Safe Search: Safe Search is no longer in conflict with Australian Taxation Office website.
  • Setup: Fixed crash when saving log files in setup.
  • Setup: Fixed issue with detection of competitive products.
  • Setup: Setup will ask for restart if the installation of Microsoft redistributables requires it.
  • Setup: Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is detected as conflicting application.
  • Toolbar: Brand new toolbar implemented.
  • Toolbar: Toolbar introduces a new feature for private browsing.
  • Update: Last update time displayed in AVG user interface changes only if the update was successful.
  • Update: Fixed crash on Windows Server 2003.
  • User Interface: Several components were grouped together to reduce number of components in overview.
  • User Interface: Fixed handling of duplicates in Resident Shield exceptions list.
  • User Interface: Added default settings for advanced “Identity Protection settings” dialog.
  • User Interface: Added support for In-application store.
  • User Interface: Fixed notification about logged in users in restart request dialog.
  • User Interface: The “Ignore the state of this component” option is only available from advanced settings.

Thanks. Is there any news on resource usage? I had it installed on my dad’s laptop but removed it because it had gotten so heavy. I also removed at another person’s computer for the same reason.

Have they reduced the number of processes in the latest version 2012. How many processes are there for AVG Free 2012? Any change in toolbar? I read that they have changed the toolbar. What about the unwanted components in AVG Free, have they removed them? Components like PC Analyzer, something ski or kind of, total 3 unwanted components were there in the previous version.


Nope unwanted things in avg free are still there… :-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

what exactly are those?


Those “things” were never “there” . Just go through Custom Setup & uncheck all you don’t need like Toolbar, Link scanner or whatever the call it; Office Support; Email scanning etc.
Even if you made a mistake and performed the default setup – fire up current setup again & remove all unneeded components

I haven’t tried 2012 yet , but I have doubts they’ve change the above strategy …. correct me if I’m mistaken


Unwanted things I meant was pc analyzer, livesky & one more was there. These cannot be custom installed. Things like toolbar & other can be custom installed.


what do they do?

They ask you from time to time to buy theirs backup/pc tuneup software.
For exemple"Do an analyze of your PCperformance"
and then: “Your PC need to be clean, buy our software here: …”.

these are the reviews and tests of avg 2012 editions

for internet security: - YouTube

for free version: part1: - YouTube
part2: - YouTube

i watched them, but internet security is good and free version is not good(it has scanning problem,not realtime but manual).

They also seem to have problems with installation though it’s more likely to be a system issue. Four of my colleagues are having trouble with AVG 2012. Two complains of incredibly high CPU usage and frequent lags. Three complain of slower internet. One compains of AVG not detecting anything at all, though we knew and later on found out the system was heavily infected (hitman, malwarebytes, dr. web and kaspersky virus remover used in that order as per my suggestion. He did the cleaning himself and reported a huge performance boost after cleaning). All of them complained of seeing errors with installation, but seeing the computer fine after reboot, kept AVG. I don’t know anything about AVG now that it’s been years since my last use of it so I’m not touching it (especially after the guy with no detection problem told me his problem). Since they’re requesting help from me, I’m assuming they know less about computers than I do which is why I asked them to go to a technician.

If anybody else can confirm this, do tell. Just for the sake of confirmation.