Avert multi scanner like hitman pro and free?!?!?

It runs ccleaner to omg!!! this must be tested as it looks top notch. http://www.avertsoftware.com/


Anti-malware programs are great and for the most part, work well. But once a machine is already infected, it’s difficult for even an experienced technician to remove it.

This is where AVERT comes in. AVERT is an application designed to help facilitate the removal of malware on an already infected machine. It is a portable app that can run a variety of scanning software to remove infections.

AVERT comes loaded with tons of features and more are constantly added:

* Use up to 8 Portable scanners from some of the top security companies
* Supports 1 installed scanner, AVG, but more are on the way
* Automatic EVERYTHING - Scanning, logging, quarantine/removal
* Simple and easy to use
* Customizable
* Auto updates
* Temp file cleaning with Piriform's CCleaner
* Registry backups
* Additional tools to help resolve issues caused by malware
* FREE and always will be</blockquote>
Q: Which anti-malware applications does AVERT use?

A: For now, Asquared, ClamWin, Trend Micro, Panda, Sophos, Avira, and VIPRE. More scanners will be added in the future.

Also you can watch a video on how it works. http://www.avertsoftware.com/downloads.html

This is worth testing!!!

Sorry, but this software looks fishy to me. :P0l

Went to their site. There is no info about who makes this product. No company address, etc, etc, etc. Netcraft toolbar indicates is a new site and high risk.

Also using piriform ccleaner, I guess that piriform would have something to say about that! Even if they agreed, I guess there would be a licensing cost…and yet this Avert product is free ???

Bottom line is, would you trust this stuff to run on your PC?? I would not, but I could be very wrong. Just my opinion. Are you REALLY sure about this? Are you not worried about what it may do if you allow it to run, unless you are playing with it on a test machine? Backdoors, etc!?

there is nothing fishy about it, all it does it that it runs the command line version of different scanners, simple as that.

can u test this?

I would recommend this online scanner