Avast's File Whitelisting Program

Avast seems started a whitelisting process to prevent false-positives. They offer whitelisting in all Avast security solutions. (Free Antivirus included)

How does file whitelisting work?

When you submit application files to the Avast Threat Labs, a group of analysts review the software for malicious or unwanted activity.
Applications that are both free from malware and meet our guidelines for application transparency can be whitelisted.

If determined clean, the submitted file is moved to our set of approved files to ensure it is no longer flagged as malicious.

Vendors who sign their applications with digital signatures can apply for whitelisting via their digital signature. This type of whitelisting is provided to a limited number of digital signatures, and only if the software developer has a clean track record. Avast reserves the right to refuse to whitelist any application.

(Above statement remins me Comodo’s Trusted Vendors List (TVL))

How to Submit Files Avast for Whitelisting?

Whitelisting is only available for developers.
They have a form for whitelisting request. Whitelist program registration Form

What types of files are considered clean for Avast?

Avast announced a “Clean Guidelines” for this question.