Avast! why go Pro?

some ppl still hire a driver even though they can drive by themself 88)
you have spare money to spend, you use it to ease your life. there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your life once in a while :slight_smile:

You can choose what shields to install. There are dozens of skins to choose from.

the problem with avast is they are still relying too much on blacklisting. that’s why they miss so many viruses in the wild. avast has no heuristics.

Bollocks. They don’t miss no more than others do. And fact they don’t have any “heuristics” checkbox included doesn’t mean they don’t incorporate proactive detection methods. And they have plenty of them.

I have thought about using Pro, but I guess after seeing this I won’t.

And as for people who like AntiVir, I won’t go that way for awhile after it totally stopped my internet connection, even after I uninstalled it. BTW, System Restore is about the only really good thing about Windows… :wink:

half the time, SR doesn’t even work for me. i wouldn’t rely on it. !ot!


Regarding SR I’ve got a trick… if you enable a SR from the Control Panel it won’t work but booting your system with the XP’s CD, then you choose the Repair option then will start the Repair Console so the next steps are

1.- cd \system32\restore
2.- rstrui.exe

And voilá , the SR will work

MiguelAngel (:KWL)

I’ve used it at least 15 times, has always fixed my problem. I still don’t always rely on it though.

And BTW (to stay on topic), you don’t need to go Pro (I now this has been said, just saying to be on topic ;D).

Avast and AVG free are two diff things as far as i can understand but since they are free what can one say? Dislike it? fine just leave it .Like it? fine use it and enjoy it.but comparing them is a bit amusinig isn’t ?
I have used COMODO STUFF E_VAULT, FIREWALL antivirus, tried spam but at no value for me, etc. I had the worst ever experience with a antivirus with Comodo and i sweared to never say the name comodo . i had the nightmare install uninstall experience with the last Fw but i never dareito compare it with anything else tho i admit Comodo software AV FW has climbed 100 stears up the ladder.

First, if you were using CAV, it is a beta.
Second, if it was another AV it may have just been their problem.

I have to say that it is sometimes very hard for me to get Comodo products uninstalled, but it usually is with most security programs (PC Tools was the hardest to uninstall).

it was comodo antivirus 2.x that froze my computer. But i was saying that comodo has made improvements and tho the last release is beta it is thousands times better than it was before. just trying to say it is better now and i am using it right now. please don.t push people out of discussion when it is constructive
have a nice day