Avast! why go Pro?

Hey guys, this is the comparrison;

So the only real protection increase according to those statements is the Script blocker… Or is it?

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I understand that only the pro version uses a script blocker, so Free users are pretty much open to web based threats/exploits? (I'm not referring to files)
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No. Standard Shield and WebShield does this kind of protection as well. Which firewall do you use? Also which browser do you use? Script Blocker is a dedicate provider to do so, not the only one.

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wouldn't the comparisons be false advertising? http://avast.com/eng/avast-compare-home-professional.html
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I wish they warn about Vista behavior of Script Block, indeed.

(Yes there are other benifits, mainly to make life a bit easier for the user but not security benifits)

So there you go, some interesting info that more people should know about.

I’ve used Avast for a couple of years now and it does seem that it has the least [functional] difference between Free and Pro of all (pace CIS, but that’s not yet mature).

I’ve tried Pro and , quite (dis)honestly (given my method), it’s not worth bothering with unless the convenience outweighs the chance of users borking the security. Avast has the most important aspect of useability: automatic updates (cf SAS Free).

stuff like “shutdown pc after scan” and small things like that
i don’t think buying the pro is worth it though

I think you only need to buy it if you want to install it in a company. That’s all. Very expensive, like most antiviruses.

I don’t see the need for buying the pro version. It has almost no advantages, except the nice ‘extras’ like advanced GUI…


+1. They are er “False advertising” Well, Sort of. They aren’t exactly explaining that the free version has a script blocker…

Because it doesn’t have one. Script Blocker is one thing, script malware is another…
There are also other features like pushed updates, option to define actions when malware is detected (for on-access and on-demand), option for on-access scanning of archives and many many more settings in enhanced GUI.

It sure does, Read the links provided in the opening post.

My point is apart from ‘making things easier’ paying doesn’t provide better protection vs the free version.

so? ??? paid spyware blaster only gives you automatic update feature. (:NRD)
we’ll pay for everything that makes life become easier :slight_smile:

I’ve been using avast since 2007 and it deleted every vermin it found in my computer and I’m using the Home Edition, ahhh and yeah even it catches the threats while I’m surfing the net

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

Well, I’ve never had Avast and I’ve always taken care of all my malware.

Why would you go pro then ? It has no advantages …


Why use Avast at all, Antivir Free is much better or if u want to buy antivirus then buy AntiVir, Kaspersky or Nod32. I haw used Avast and it’s not that good anyway.


antivir free has no anti-spyware. avast does.

Avast antispyware database is not really that good. Better use a good antivirus then medicore anti-spyware/virus.
You can always use SAS and MBAM that is really good.


Err… !ot!


Errrrrr 2.0 !ot!


Hi V7chy :slight_smile:

In my opinion Kaspersky is over the top, and NOD32 is overhyped :-\ If you prefer a paid solution Antivir is better than those 2 :-TU If you prefer free I would choose Avast! because Antivir lacks spyware/adware protection here :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I agree

I haw used NOD32 about 4 years, before that I used Kaspersky. ESET Internet Security is kind of useless because its firewall sucks and Kaspersky engine is getting old. But they are still good AVs.

Right now AntiVir is one of the best anti viruses out there. But I would never really use Avast I haw experience with it and I haw cleaned many PC with Avast installed on it. Don’t get me wrong it’s not bad but it’s not that good either. I can’t really complain too because it’s free. But buying Avast Pro version is just well … not the best move.

I haw high hopes for CIS! Thats why i help Comodo.


I would be more comfortable with AVG than avast! Purely because AVG is simple and efficient with a decent detection - if I had to go that way. But I seriously think that AV’s in general are overhyped. HIPS and other methods like virtualisation/sandboxing are the step forward.


But I like one thing about Avast it has “Boot-time scan” feature and that should haw every antivirus!
Avast has too many pointless shields and GUI looks like an outdated media player, I know that you can select no theme.