Avast! v6 not recognized

Hello, I updated avast v5 to v6 this morning via avst’s gui. I had several alerts from D+ and FW… just as if avast was not a trusted vendor anymore…

Did you experience such a problem ? ???


I too updated from avast 5 to 6 this morning and everything went smoothly tough Def+ is in parano mode.

Avast 6 has a new vendor name, which is the problem.

Not when you just upgrade. In Program Files it remains Alwill Software.

Look at the digital signature, it’s different. (Avast developers have confirmed this)

+1 No problem at all from my PC ;D

i confirm the issue on another PC (Win xp) … 2 D+ alerts concerning avastsvc.exe … works fine after validating those alerts :wink:

New Comodo update, yesterday, to ver. 5.3.181415.1237 appears to have resolved the problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Comodo. You rock. :-TU