Avast v.5.0 funkar inte med comodo dragon, webbskyddet scannar inte

Iam using comodo Dragon as my default browser and when i check my Avast settings i cant see any activity in the webshield. Comodo Dragon is a very new browser but it´s similar to Google Chrome.
But Avast scanner is scanning my networktraffic even if i use Comodo Dragon and when i´m switch to Internet Explorer8 everything work as it should.
I dont wont to be unprotected when i surf the web using comodo. Can you please give me an explanation?
Sorry, i forgot to say that i am running Comodo Dragon and Avast with Windows 7 Ultimate x86


Du behöver inte oroa dig om du har laddat/hämtat malware; så länge du inte kör malware programmet, kommer din data inte bli infekterad.

Använd comodo antivirus istället för Avast.