Avast or Eset

I have 1 year licence of Avast AV Pro & Nod32 AV.
What would be better for my family system i.e average users?
Family system is a laptop.
Win 7 64
4 Gb RAM

I’ve tried both of them and actually had installed them each on two laptops. They never had any trouble with it. If it’s only for casual use, Avast would be my preferred antivirus. It scans faster, can delay loading the service diminishing the impact on boot-time, and the entire sandbox thing. In any case, most of the features of ESET I don’t have any use for so it’s still Avast for me.

Still though, both of them have good detection rate and overall performance so whichever you choose shouldn’t matter much. You’d end up configuring both anyway and they can be made silent with the right config. My personal opinion is that speed and flexibility goes to Avast, but general usage goes to ESET. Your call, really.