Avast! Oh no! [Resolved]

I have to say I am truly disappointed with Avast. I have been using it for a while now and today I was doing some research and it seems that Avast wasn’t as secure as I thought. I watched a video on Youtube that shocked me to say the least. It only blocked 3 out of the 5 tests…I was like this really bothered me. So I did a scan and nothing came up. So I tried the pro adware removers suggestion on youtube, which was Avira and I ran a scan and sure enough it detected the Trojan BHO.omh
Avast didnt detect it which leads me to the conclusion with my own experience and that video that I don’t feel safe.

Comodo D+ and Avira is the way I rollin now!

Whats a great free adware removal tool that works good with both Avira and Comodo?

If you wish to supplement those 2 with additional spy/adware detection then there are plenty of free utils that’ll do the job.A-Squared,Superantispyware,Malwarebytes AntiMalware or Spybot S&D (Disable teatimer) to name a few.Spybot and Spywareblaster both allow immunisation against a number of malware.All will work happily with Avira and D+.

Every Antivirus will miss malware. Avira will and so will comodo.
Some Av’s will detect what others miss and vice versa, So avast will detect some that Avira misses and avira will some that avast! misses.

Thank you. I didn’t realize that I needed so many programs. I am using Malwarebytes, SUPERantispyware and I also switched back to AVAST(lol)

I was kind of bummed about Avast but it has allot of new great ratings so I went back to it

That review was version 4.8, i think they have added heuristics etc since. I still prefer avira though

It’s still 4.8…
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