Avast Home Edition Outperforms Comodo Firewall Pro 3 & BoClean


im a Vista user. since you don’t have a Anti-virus yet for vista, i decide not to get any anti-virus because I’m a solid supporter of Comodo. I’m using Comodo FIREWALL PRO 3 and BoClean but to cut it short, my Pc infiltrated with at SYSTEM 32 ROOTKITS while surfing the net… why is this happen? i set my Firewall to a maximum strength but its useless… i Scan my Pc using Firewall Pro 3 Defense Plus but suddenly it appears clean! thats why i downloaded an AVAST HOME FREE ANTI-VIRUS because my Pc is becoming unstable and all my Programs is not working properly. when Avast finally Scan my System, Avast deleted 4-Rootkits that harm my System 32. Thanks to avast… can you imagine Avast outperforms Firewall Pro 3? I tought BoClean is design for Rootkit as well as Firewall Pro 3 But, they do nothing to protect my Pc. i trust comodo but I’m so dissaponted with what happend last time. AVAST HOME ANTI-VIRUS saves my Pc and Repair my Damage system 32 without slowing my PC. I uninstall Comodo MEMORY FIREWALL last day because i makes my PC Slow and it takes a lot of CPU usage. Avast is Lighter Program than Comodo Memory Firewall and (Comodo Antivirus 2.0 “Base on my XP Pc”). i do hope, your Comodo Antivirus 3 will be more effective, LESS CPU USAGE than any other solution out there specially here in philippines. I’m an ELECTRONICS and COMPUTER TECHNICIAN thats why I’m so familiar with Pc.


Hello. A reason BOClean perhaps did not detect the rootkits might be because it does not have them covered in it’s signature database and if this is the case they would surely appreciate it if you sent it to them via email but I cant find their email to send the samples to… Or Avast possibly gave false positives. I use Avast myself and highly doubt they were false positives. The thing with Avast is they had someone make the anti root-kit seperate from their anti virus dev team. They actually had a really good dev team create the anti rootkit and then in Avast 4.8 included it into the AV. So what I am trying to say is Avast anti rootkit covers many more known rootkits then BOClean does and this is why Avast detected them. as for Comodo firewall I cant believe you did not get any alerts about them? unless they weren’t active at all? Anyways I hope some of this makes sense and helps. (:WAV)

Can you please specify which rootkits you were infected with?


i didn’t remember the type of Rootkits that infects my system32 as i remember, my FIREFOX 3 and my CURSOR during BOOTING LOGIN is not working Properly and i cannot Type a Number sometimes that makes me Alarmed… that’s why since Comodo Antivirus 3 is not yet release, I’m forced to download a AVAST HOME EDITION as my Emergency Tool. After Avast removed those 4-Rootkits, my PC is amazingly return to its Normal operation without slowing the overall performance! I’m so disappointed because I’m a Solid user of Comodo and perhaps all my Friends and relatives are using Comodo products following my advise and suddenly it happens that my PC is infiltrated with Rootkits and my FIREWALL PRO 3 and BoCLEAN did do nothing to protect my Windows Vista Home PC. before i download the Avast, i Scan my PC using Firewall Pro 3 Pro-Active Defense Scanner but suddenly after Scanning, it appears that my System is Clean… why is this happened Guys? i will Uninstall my Avast as soon as Comodo Anti-Virus 3 is available. i don’t want to use Avast Anti-Virus but the Question is… Why COMODO FIREWALL PRO-3 and BoCLEAN 2.26 did not Detect any Malicious Activity While I’m surfing the Net for just a Research? I don’t even got an alert message… and that makes me Sick with what happened last day.

waiting for your advice/comments Guys.

:THNK Thank You

CPF 3 and BoClean work differently than Avast.

CPF 3’s Defense+ level by default is “Clean PC”. If you put Defense+ into Safe Mode or Paranoid mode it will protect you further but increase the number of pop-ups. As far as I know, CPF3’s Defense+ protects you against all executables.

BoClean on the other hand monitors your memory for any programs loaded into memory.

It may be the case that your computer had been subject to a Buffer Overflow attack. Do you have Comodo Memory Firewall or Comodo SafeSurf installed?

Avast has a component known a it’s Webshield which scans specific websites and traffic. While avast is a good alternative Antivirus, adding CMF will protect you further.

CAVS 2 does have it’s strong points and I stille experiment with it from time to time while I too waite for CAVS 3 to come out.


My FIREWALL PRO 3 in on CUSTOM MODE and SAFE MODE for my Defense but suddenly those Rootkits was so good to elude my Firewall and BoClean. i opened a website then in a flash… there is a Program Pop-Up and Automatically Scan my PC for Viruses… that’s why since i know that those Scanner are threats, i Quickly Closed my Firefox 3 but you know, when i Start my Browser again, my Problem begins… i cant Move my MOUSE, even type a Number. i believed that those Rootkits are designed to elude firewalls or even paralyzed them. with the help of AVAST! HOME EDITION, the rootkits are deleted and restored my PC at its best! know i know that without an Anti-Virus software like i did, Firewall Pro-3 and BoClean cannot protect our Pc. well to be Honest with you guys, MEMORY FIREWALL makes Our PC’s SLOW… and makes a lot of CPU usage even on a dual core Processor that we used that’s why i Uninstall my Memory Firewall. on the other hand, SAFE SURF is Good but i did not install it because, it i do not found a complete result using Safe surf than Yahoo search Engine. I hope that the Comodo Antivirus 3 will work on a LESS CPU USAGE like AVAST!. I think Firewall Pro 3 and BoClean is more accurate with Windows XP.

Hope to hear a lot from You Guys (:WAV)