Avast for Business

Has anyone tried this?

It’s free for both personal and commercial use EDIT (up to 10 PCs).
For what I understood, it comes with a cloud-based management console and it should also have cloud-based AV database

where does it say upto 10 pcs only?

Currently running 23 managed pc’s at 4 locations with no issues.

You paid for it?

Totally free. They have a paid option that lets you perform scheduled tasks.

so you can use it for more than 10 devices for free?


so what are the limitations of free vs paid?

It doesn’t seem to be restricted to number of users. Functionality is limited instead - https://support.business.avast.com/hc/en-us/articles/204493639-What-features-are-offered-for-free-and-what-do-I-have-to-pay-for-.

As Qmarius has pointed out basic AV that has the standard web/email/file protection. The beauty for me comes from the email/web based notification and central management of all my clients/pcs. Decent product for small business management and something I suggested the Comodo One platform take a peak at.


Yes, my bad, there is no limit for the number of PCs you can install it on:


But is it only cloud-managed or is the AV database on the cloud too?
Is it light on system resources? Not only on RAM or CPU, but also when you open a folder or a file

Just got an answer from Avast support center.
Avast for business is cloud-managed only, it’s not a cloud-based AV.
This means that it needs to download the databade with the updated virus signatures on the local computer